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I'm Providing Excellent Value To Founders, Coaches and CEOs By Connecting Them With Virtual Assistants and Freelancers

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Behind Every Great Entrepreneur is A Great Virtual Assistant

Dear Coaches, Digital Marketers, Biz Owners and CEOs! 

You are the Ones who have Big Hearts and Dreams. You love helping, encouraging, solving people's problems and empowering them, right?

You believe that The Entrepreneurship As The Only Way To The Financial Freedom!

You have paid thousands of $$$ for coaching classes and multiple online courses.

You have invested in a gorgeous website, logo and expensive branding! But the truth is your business still doesn't generate a full-time income! You struggle attracting and keeping the clients, and your savings are melting like an ice-cream on a hot day... You're tired and worry a lot!

Great News! There is the solution to your dilemma. I'll give you one hint, one word. Ready?

The answer to your overwhelm is to DELEGATE! 

I will connect your Biz to a Team of Highly-Trained Digital Experts: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS AND FREELANCERS of your choice! That you can finally Increase your Profits, Have More Time and Expand Your Brand!

Imagine just in a few weeks You will have Custom Packages, the Sales Funnel, and unlimited flow of Offers and Paying Customers! 

I invite you to get on a highly rewarding journey from $0 to $5k/month, from 5k to 10k/month…

and then onward to millions of dollars in just in a few short years.

Before you say something like "this isn’t for me", let me remind you that money is an endless flowing river: it is not limited, and wealth is within your reach! 

Before you say something like "I tried everything!" Or "I am so tired of the empty promises..." Let me explain how it works. Keep reading!

Imagine the Army of Online Specialists, Digital Ninjas, who served, supported thousands of coaches already! They will come to the rescue!

Because it’s time for You, a Brave Entrepreneur with Big Dreams get out of SELF-DOUBT and OVERWHELM

and Start having some Beautiful Impact on the people you want to help while Building your Economic and Financial freedom! You just need to start DELEGATING! Ask me how! 

Dear Virtual Service Providers and Freelancers!

You are the Ones who are the Engine of this evolving Digital Marketing World!

The Biggest Secret is that most of the Online Entrepreneurs would not survive without your knowledge, expertise and your how to skills!

I noticed a big problem. A problem so big in fact, that it could the sole difference between extreme financial success and failure.  

The lack of a mentorship and community for Virtual Assistance and Freelancers.

Sure, there may be lots of groups out there. But they have fundamental problems:

The content is focused around a specific course or class. So when that ends, so does the support, community, and your personal and professional growth!

Members are either all seasoned professionals or all new to the game -- leaving no option for mentorship or skill sharing.

All of the members are going after the same job leads -- so there is a constant competition and tension.

Sound familiar? There must be a better way, right?

I believe you are right, and I believe I have the solution.

See, I have eliminated those fundamental problems and created a Community that fosters the growth of virtual assistants and freelancers:

  • Harness and master your skills.
  • Develop your personal brand.
  • Become a highly paid expert.
  • Build your business empire.

While it’s possible to accomplish some of these things on your own (because let’s face it, you’re a smart cookie!), you will have to learn the hard way...

Why not skip all of that and learn from my experience? Plug into a network of people who have been there and done that.

Let’s face it: it’s tough to be  alone in this competitive world! Like a lonely rose in the garden, who will protect you from the wind? Or who will give you a shade on a hot day? Who even connect you with the best gardener ….?

Does this sound right for you? Let’s chat.


“Olga Szakal is extremely professional.”   

~ Patrick Bet-David, CEO of PHP Agency, Creator of Valuetainment - The BEST YouTube channel for Entrepreneurs

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"Olga Szakal IS THE REAL THING. After a phone consultation with Olga, in a few minutes she saw that I had a hidden talent.

I had a significant IMPROVEMENT in my Biz and my Brand after just two weeks of talking to her!

Olga's intuition and extra pair of eyes were a Godsend!"

~ Sophie Areli



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