The Secrets to Starting a Business for Free

I know how it is when you have a limited budget, and I wanted to give you the secrets that will help create organization in your business and help you grow.

One of the most important items to do when you first start a business is to grow your list of subscribers. I know what you're saying, I just started, why do I need a list. You need a list so that people will know what new products or services you may be rolling out. You can't just advertise on your FB business page, you need to target your audience in many sectors, and building and having an email list is one of those ways.

I suggest using Mailchimp or Mailerlite when first starting out because they offer a free account for the first 1000 subscribers. They each have their own perks, Mailerlite offers free landing pages and automation. While Mailchimp offers free fb ads conversion with Facebook, and now they have offered up free automation as well (I guess they realized many of their accounts were leaving to join Mailerlite due to this reason.) So in order for Mailchimp to stay in competition they upped the ante with offering automation to the free accounts.


Once you have that set up, I want you to set up a Facebook Business page. Yes this is separate from your personal page that family and friends contacts you on. Your clients don't need to know that your toddler just got potty trained or that you're heading out of town, unless that ties into your business (i.e. mom blogger, or business dealing in parenting). One of the best ways to promote yourself is by using Facebook! There are many courses on how to market on Facebook, the easiest, and free way to start is by creating a FB business page, and promoting on your page. You can invite people to like your page, and if you're in FB groups, you can promote your page on promo days to get your business name out there.


Now that you have set up ways to promote yourself, you need to have a way for people to contact you once they have seen the services that you offer, so go ahead and get a G-suite account. G-suite allows you to have a gmail account, but instead of you having the ending say, it will say (that's an example). This way your account looks professional and not as though someone who is doing this as a side hustle (even if you are, you should present yourself professionally). G-suite is not free but it's only $5/month which includes 30gb of storage, that's basically free if you ask me!


Keep in mind with G-suite not only do you get gmail but you also get google docs- which you can share documents when the time comes with no problem, you'll get google hangouts- where you can offer video consultations for free, or group sessions if that's what your business offers, and my favorite, google calendar, which helps me stay organized and keep my business and home life on track!


So let's see, we have you promoted so people know who you are, they have a way to contact you, and now to create a bit more time management and organization you should go one step further and sign up for an online scheduler. I like Calendly and Acuity, but you can feel free to use whichever you chose. They each offer a free version, which is perfect for just starting out. You set up your availability and they chose which date and time works for them. The best part is you can link it to your google calendar so if you use your google calendar it will block out the times from google calendar on your scheduler (3 points for saving you time to have to block it in your scheduler manually).


We have you all started with setting up your business, all for the low price of $5! Many people would say that's a steal. Frankly it's the most economical business venture you will ever be able to start to date. If you find that you need more tools to use go HERE for my list of tools that I use for my business.

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Olga Szakal