You now have decided what product or service you're bringing to the marketplace, NOW the real work begins: Marketing - getting your product or brand in front of potential customers - will decide what type of success you enjoy.

A few short years ago, small businesses couldn't afford to market their products in national or even regional markets like the large corporations could. The cost of running a national television, radio or magazine ad could easily eclipse the start-up for a small business and forget about things like micro targeting and demographics for the most part.

 But today thing are different - very, very different. Today small businesses can reach huge numbers of potential customers in a short amount of time through our NEW best friend - Facebook.

What Facebook Ads allows users to do is nothing short of a revolution in marketing and advertising.  The great thing about FB Ads is that it allows us to target customers by:

  • zip code
  •  cities
  • interests
  •  or any other metric that will produce the best results

What's the point of using FB Ads you ask?!

Well, your end result is getting your brand in front 1000s MORE potential customers with LESS cost than to your business than the average advertising tactics!

 The game has changed people, and now we as small businesses can compete with large corporations when it comes to marketing. 

If you're weary or new to using FB Ads and wondering where to start, I have 2 solutions for you:

1. Head over to my FB group HERE where I am having a FB Ads strategist give us the ins and outs of creating amazing Ads.

2. Book a call with me to talk about creating a strategy and sales funnel using FB ads to promote your business.

It's time to start marketing your business and drawing income like NEVER before!

Olga Szakal