5 Things You Need To Become A VA

Ready to start your business as a Virtual Assistant but unsure of where to begin. Then read on, because this post is going to tell you all you need to start a profitable VA business.

Many people think you need to go out and purchase a website, register as an LLC, and get a business bank account. WRONG!

Everything in the list I am going to give you is FREE or LOW COST! Yes you can actually start a profitable business with very little cash. Based on my many years of experience as a Business Coach and working with VAs, this list is sure to bring you ideas and the tools you need to kick start your VA business.

1. The first thing you need to be clear on is “What Services You’re Going to Offer”. Your services help to know where your clients will most likely be, and where to market for your first client. Lucky for you I have this amazing list HERE that lists all the services you can offer as a VA. So if you were stuck on what to offer or were thinking that you ONLY had admin services to give, you were so misinformed. There are an array of services you can offer as a VA, and clicking the FREE LIST will help you get started.

2. Next, get yourself a FB business page. Show people that you’re serious and not just here for the moment. Make a mark, and start with a FB business page, it’s FREE, and once you have earned some money then you can look into a website.

Now that you have the FB page, you need to market your services. I recommend joining at least 20 FB groups where you believe your ideal client is, and begin introducing yourself, sharing tips, and then your services. Someone in the group is in need of your services, but first they need to know how knowledgeable you are, so sharing your expertise FIRST, and then sharing your SERVICES.

3. Since you will need graphics, whether it be for your FB biz page, social media post, or for your client, I ALWAYS suggest getting Stencil or Canva. They both have FREE and paid versions, start off with the free version for each, and choose which one you prefer, then once business is booming, purchase the paid version.

You have a way for people to see your business and what services you offer, but how will they contact you?  

4. Sign up for a gmail account, once again this is free. A gmail account offers email and google drive which is where you can create spreadsheets, documents, upload videos, and photos and be able to share these items with clients without the hassle of purchasing another program that does the same thing, but charges for each option above.

5. Another way people can contact you is by booking an appointment. You can offer FREE consults for 15 or 30 min where you talk about your business and the services you offer clients. I use Acuity and swear by it, but there a few other platforms that you can use. My preference is Acuity for its customization options and linking to my google calendar.

You’re all ready to jump start your Virtual Assistant business with these 5 tips, but you there are still other items you need to help make your business successful. I offer a membership program that walks you through the steps to starting and having a profitable VA business. Just click the link to get started, it offers group chats, 1x1 with me monthly, and plenty of templates, and how to videos for running a VA biz. Let’s get you started.>>>howtochutzpahmembership.gr8.com

Olga Szakal