The 5 Most Important Things to Jumpstart Your VA Business

It is easy to get caught up on the trivial things when you are starting out as a VA or freelancer. In your mind, you may think you need to spend hours picking out just the right name or developing a brand to suit your business for the next 10 years. But a name, a color, or a font won’t make you money. Cash is King and you should focus your attention on what bring cash into your business. Ignore the logos, fonts, and high-end websites, for now. You will have a chance to hire a branding specialist soon after you are financially profitable! Instead, here are the 5 things that I have found will jumpstart your business and start making you money right away.

1. Adopt a Different Attitude and Mindset right away!

First, take the time to really think about Your Why? Write it down on a big sheet of paper and put it on your wall where you can see it every day. That way you will be reminded that this business is for real! It is happening! Are you in 100%? What I mean is that you have to make a 100% commitment if you want to become really successful!

Let me be clear here:

  • You are not just a mom who wants to make some cash on the side . . .
  • You aren’t trying to side hustle to afford a car . . .
  • You are not just an employee trying to get out of the 9-5 . . .  

You are a business owner! Take yourself seriously! You are a Money Magnet! You need to know your true worth. You are NOT just a self-employed stay-at-home mom, but you are your own BOSS! Once you understand this, you will be able to set boundaries with some of your relatives, friends, and the people around you who will doubt you.

Start working on your self-discipline and develop new habits.  Trust me, this is a must! Create a new schedule and STICK TO IT! Tweak it as you find that sweet spot that fits best with your kids sleeping patterns, your husband’s or significant other’s schedule, or the other things in your life you need to work around.

Work hard to reach your goals. You need to be ready to put time into your own business to make it happen. Get up earlier and work from 5 am until 8 am or until your kids get up. Then work again during their nap. Also, be sure that you go to bed earlier so that you get the rest you need! Establish a self-care routine right away and stick to it!

2. Start with a One Skill VA Business! Be specific!

Love Writing? Offer website copywriting as your service!

Love Social Media? Offer yourself as a Twitter or a FB group Expert!

If you aren’t sure what to choose, think about what you love doing and what you are good at. Start with that!

Focus on one thing when you first start out! Narrow it down! Become a Master first in that one skill.  Only then should you try to move on to another skill. You’ll learn more as you practice this skill repeatedly. Please stop procrastinating and watching other people’s webinars and courses.

Remember, this is the most important time in your life.  It’s a mental transition from a “may be, one day I will change my life . . . ” attitude to “I’m the Boss of my destiny and I live on my own terms!” So pay attention to this process and see it as a season of getting to know yourself better.  It’s a journey of self-awareness.

You will learn more through this process, such as "I will not do this project ever again..." This is all key knowledge to keep your business and yourself going.

3. A Contract (or Agreement) for your business.

Get a simple contract ready to sign. You can find contract templates inside our membership program. In the contract:

  • describe what you are offering (the results)
  • mention what is not included
  • the deadline
  • the price
  • CTA - call to action: the deadline for them to respond. Ex: "This summer special offer will expire on..."

Ask for 50% up front for bigger projects and 100% for smaller ones. Now is a good time to figure out how much are you going to charge as well. 

I recommend charging hourly at first. Usual rates are $20-$50 per hour depending on what your specialty is. Later you can start offering packages and charge per project instead of per hour! At that point, you’ll also be able to offer monthly retainer packages.

4. Your Business Social Media Presence.

Start with only 1-2 social media channels at first. A FB page can be your temporary website for now. Consider what your specialty is.  If you are doing graphic design, Instagram may be a better platform since it is so visual.  If you are offering writing, maybe Twitter would be a better fit.  But don’t sign up for every social media account out there.  You’ll get overwhelmed and won’t consistently post to all of them. It’s better to have one account you use all the time than five you never touch.

5. Think like a salesperson first!

You aren’t selling your services to your potential customers! You ARE selling them more time, less stress, bigger profits, more convenience, faster project completion, eliminating procrastination, and more!

Start making offers and be sure to be specific. What do I mean?

Don’t say: “I will be your writer." Instead, say: “I will rewrite your website so that you can have a clearer message and improve the traffic to your business”.

Don’t say: “I will be your social media manager." Instead, say: “I am going to increase your real followers from 0 to a 1K and increase engagement on your posts by 10% in a month”.

Your potential clients are looking for results, not just another expense.  So give them the results you can deliver and they will want you above the competition.

Now it’s Time To Put These Into Practice

Look at where your business is right now.  How many clients do you have?  How much money do you have coming in?  Then, I challenge you to take these 5 ideas and use them in your business over this next week. I bet you will see results. In fact, at the end of that week, reach out to me and let me know what happened in your business!  I want to know.  If you keep focusing on these concepts, you will see success.  For added help, join my membership program to get tips, ideas, and support to grow your business.