10 Simple Ways To Find The Right Client

When you are just starting out, I always recommend that you get as many clients as you can. You will start earning money immediately. You will gain experience. Your confidence will go through the roof. This is the important first step in your business.

After a few clients, though, you’ll probably begin to notice something. Some clients you love working with. Some you will never want to work with again. This is a learning experience! Once you start realizing this, that means it's time to start focusing on finding the right clients. 

Does that seem impossible? You are probably thinking that a client is a client. You take what you can get. After all, all clients pay money!

But the wrong clients cost a high cost. They can take up too much of your time. Or they can even siphon all your energy! It’s important to focus on finding the right clients for you. Trust me, they are out there waiting for you. It just takes a little planning to find them. Here are my 10 tips to help you find the right clients.

  1. My motto is ABC - Always Be Connecting. Never underestimate the power of networking with other business people. You have to see social media as a way to connect with so many potential clients. And as you network on FB or Linkedin, you will gain the connections that will lead you to the right clients. 
  2. Continue to develop your skills. Experts are in high demand, and you are an expert, right? Since you have spent your time focusing on one skill, you can say this with confidence. You are providing value with your expertise. The right clients are looking for this value.
  3. I cannot tell you enough how important confidence is. The right client will sense your confidence and desire to work with you. So, know your own worth! Value yourself! This will attract the right clients to you. If you have been focusing on making money, you will have this confidence. You will believe in yourself. Now is the time to let that shine.
  4. Always be open and honest about your skills. The right client will value your honesty. I would rather have a VA I can trust than one who can’t deliver on their promises. Are you in the process of learning a second skill? Let the client know during your discovery call. 
  5. Always ask for a referral! No matter how small the project, ask your clients to refer you to their colleagues and connections. You are an expert and you do good work. Your client knows this as well. Asking for a referral means that it will be easier to get more clients. People trust word of mouth referrals. It’s the best (and cheapest) form of advertising!
  6. Following off of #5, also ask for a testimonial! Testimonials are worth their weight in gold. They show your abilities and your experience to potential clients. If you have a FB business page, you can have them leave feedback there. It's easy and simple.
  7. Have a list of what your ideal client is like and start to visualize it. Take the time to imagine this client every day. Working with a not so great client? Use this as an opportunity to think about what it would be like to work with your ideal client.
  8. You also need to know who you DON’T want to work with. Everyone has a person they clash with. It is no different from you. So, make a list of the qualities you don’t want to work with. Are they high maintenance? Do they always complain or nitpick your work? Are they emailing you constantly and micromanaging? Or are they never around to answer questions? Use these questions to guide you and use this list as you are talking with potential clients. It will help you stay away from the wrong clients.
  9. Do research of where your ideal client can be found online. If your ideal client is a life coach, for example, then find FB groups for life coaches. This is a like a gold mind of your ideal client in one place. Then start researching their businesses. Narrow it down to 2-3 and send them a proposal.
  10. Set your boundaries. What do I mean? I have found that the right client will respect your time and efforts. To help you weed out the wrong clients, have set office hours and set communication channels. Use scheduling software for your client calls. I like Acuity Scheduling, but there are many different ones out there. These boundaries will be an asset to your right client. They will see that you value yourself and your time. In turn, they will know that you will value their time as well. 

As your business grows, you will be able to focus in on the people you enjoy working with. This adds to your enjoyment in doing business. There is also a freedom in knowing who to say no to. 

What are some of your tips for finding the right clients? If you need extra help, check out my program for VAs and Freelancers.

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